Jasz Restaurant in Bohol

Have you visited the attractive beach resorts of Panglao Island? Have you dine at the famous restaurants in this enticing island? Do you want to make your travel experience to Bohol memorable? Then, try the sumptuous dishes available at attractive restaurants in Panglao, especially the luring seafood dishes that Jasz Restaurant usually serves to tourists and foreigners.

Dishes Available at Jasz Restaurant

Many tourists visit the restaurant for the outstanding and delightful seafood and grilled dishes that it serves. Sweet and sour fish and chicken kebab are two of the delicious viands that the restaurant offers to its customers. The dishes that Jasz Restaurant offers are fresh and tasty. Among all, the cost of dining at this restaurant is cheap. The price range of dishes available at the restaurant is Php 500 to Php 1,000.

Description of Jasz Restaurant

Most people in Panglao Island like to dine at this place because the atmosphere at the dining place is relaxing. The restaurant is made from bamboo, which makes the place attractive and interesting to tourists. It is also spacious so people will feel comfortable while dining at the restaurant. At night, couples can request for a romantic candlelit dinner at Jasz Restaurant.

Location of this Fascinating Restaurant

Tourists who want to dine at Jasz Restaurant can find it at Alona Palm Beach in Panglao Island. Since it is situated at Alona Palm Beach, the restaurant is near to some beautiful resort hotels like Panglao Island Nature Resort, Panglao Island Bohol Resort, Ananyana Beach Resort and Alona Tropical Beach Resort. Because of the many first class and attractive resorts and hotels that surround this restaurant, Jasz Restaurant is regularly visited by travelers mostly from other countries.

Reservations at Jasz Restaurant

Because this dining place is popular for its outstanding seafood dishes, many people request the restaurant to do catering services for them. People who are interested to hire the catering service of Jasz Restaurant, should make arrangements with the staffs and management of this beautiful dining place. They can talk with the staffs of the restaurant personally or they can make reservations by contacting them with the use of this number: 63-038-5029141.

This luring restaurant at Panglao Island, receives high rating from travelers who already dine at this place. So, to have a great experience and memorable vacation in Panglao Island, Bohol, travelers should not forget to dine by the beach and taste the sumptuous dishes that Jasz Restaurant offers to its customers.