JAV Beach Resort in Bohol

When in the picturesque island of Pangangan in Bohol Province we may stop by and check out a thriving tourist lodge there simply named JAV Beach Resort. It also has a restaurant in case we feel the drive to sample what Boholano cooking is all about.

JAV Beach Resort is exactly situated at Barangay Magtongtong along the beach line of Pangangan Island in Calape Town. Calape, by the way, is soon to rise as a major tourist destination in Bohol, opening up its rich fishing areas, powdery white sand beaches, and spectacular underwater marine sights to the public.

The usual lodge rates in Tagbilaran City is anywhere from $85 to $110 per room, fitted with two single beds. Some offer from $75 to $312. The highest known is from $500 to $3500 per room. Being a tourist lodge some 3 towns away from the city the rates at JAV Beach Resort would be somewhere near those rates.

And why not? The mansion-like resort hotel, with its well maintained lawn and coconut trees, plus the superb beige edifice justifies such rates. Air-conditioned rooms, first class amenities and fixtures, plus a comfy and homey restaurant makes JAV Beach Resort the kind of place we want to be when discovering the sights of Pangangan Island.

On the way to the Island we find mangrove trees lending wildlife attraction to the place. Reportedly, there are local and foreign investors banking on the surroundings of JAV Beach Resort to develop it into a tourist haven. To date, JAV Beach Resort is already among the favorite lodges in the island.

Pangangan Island which cradles JAV Beach Resort is perfect for diving, watching whales and dolphins, and other beach fun activities. There are also lots of lobsters, milkfish, giant crabs and clams, as well as prawns from nearby cultures. There are also seaweed cultures around.

And the good news is, JAV Beach Resort is easy to reach. From Tagbilaran it is estimated to be a mere 30 to 40 minutes away by land travel. There are public vehicles available for this, as well as rented private ones. Van rent is somewhere around Php 3000 to Php 4000 whole day (or $66 to $88).

From Tagbilaran City we travel north taking the coastal road and passing by coastal towns like Maribojoc, Loon, and then finally, Calape. We take a boat ride from Calape to Pangangan, and then travel by land to JAV Beach Resort. Other nearby fascinating islands are Sandigan and Cabilo.