Kaingit Beach in Bohol

A secluded and naturally protected shoreline is Kaingit Beach right in Tagbilaran City (not far from the city airport), Bohol. This is probably the safest beach in the province, if not in the entire archipelago.

Kaingit Beach is surrounded by natural barriers at all sides rendering it enclosed in a cove so that the waves are calm and gentle, undulating at the most, even in tough weather. On the east is the whole island of Bohol protecting it from the intermittent northeasterly winds.

On the south of Kaingit Beach is Panglao Island. On the west is the long island strip of Cebu. And on the north is the joint protrusion of Bood and Maribojoc. And farther extreme north is the far-off portion of Cebu.

Thus, more people are noted to flock to this part of Tagbilaran especially on weekends. The waters of Kaingit Beach are most favorable to weekend frolickers who just want to enjoy the frolicsome waves frothing at their feet. At Kaingit Beach is where we can really appreciate the caress of Mother Nature.

Kaingit Beach is not yet that popular among non-residents of Tagbilaran. In fact, online maps on Tagbilaran and Bohol—even localized map versions of each coastal locality of Bohol—do not indicate Kaingit Beach specifically. Online write-up features merely mention it in passing. But the government has stepped in to improve and manage the site to develop it into a better tourist beach destination.

There’s a side street along Graham Avenue in Tagbilaran at the end of which is located Kaingit Beach. And in this vicinity is also found Bohol Tropical Resort. It’s among the high-end resorts of Tagbilaran and boasts of getting a good access to a nice portion of Kaingit Beach. There are other hotels and lodges in the city but the nice thing about Bohol Tropical is that it sits near the shorelines of Kaingit Beach.

The common hotel or lodging rates in Tagbilaran ranges from about $80 to $110 per room per two users. Some offer less than $80. For groups there are hotels that offer more than $300 while others as high as $500 to more than $3000.

Dolphin and Whale watching for 4 can cost $30 per person. Island hopping for 4 costs about $20 per person. Some visitors to Kaingit Beach also drop by Panglao Island and Hinagdanan Cave in close by Dauis, in Panglao, about 20 minutes from Tagbilaran.

Lots of good things can happen while strolling or relaxing at Kaingit Beach. It’s a beach soon to make headway.