Linaw Beach Resort in Bohol

With its very clear waters, powdery white sand beaches, and the peaceful ambiance that surrounds the area, what more can people ask for at Linaw Beach Resort. Linaw Beach Resort - BoholLocated a few kilometers from Alona Beach at Panglao Island in the province of Bohol, this beach resort promises its guests a perfect getaway from their busy lives. The resort management and staff always aim to provide the best accommodations, first-class services, and utmost hospitality.

Because of its wonderful location along the charming waters of Danao Beach, Linaw Beach Resort offers their guests boundless fun-filled outdoor activities. Island hopping, diving, and bird watching are just some of the many exciting things that people can do. At the same time, it directly assists tourists and guests who want explore the beautiful sites and wonderful sceneries in the province. To make things very convenient and comfortable for the guests, it also offers them free airport and seaport transport to and from the beach facilities.

In terms of rooms, Linaw Beach Resort is on top of the competition in providing some of the newest and best amenities available today. In fact, all its rooms are equipped with the best materials like bathtubs, ceiling fans, and air-conditioning systems.

Furthermore, there are bathtubs, hot and cold shower fixtures, and private balconies to make the guests feel extra special. The refrigerators, hair dryers, and unlimited access to the Internet are very helpful to the guests most of the time.

Basically, guests at Linaw Beach Resort can choose from four different elegant rooms, namely Double King Size, Double Twin, Family, and Suite. For the Double King Size and Double Twin rooms, a wonderful overnight stay costs 3,800 pesos. On the other hand, guests can enjoy the best accommodations at Family rooms and Suites for only 4,750 pesos. Additionally, there is no power shortage at this beach resort because it features a very reliable standby generator.

Linaw Beach Resort is a perfect place to hold special events like weddings, romantic dates, and even family vacations. For corporate entities, Linaw Beach Resort - Boholthey can hold important business functions at this beautiful beach resort including meetings, seminars, and even conferences. It can also provide catering and buffet services for numerous people during these special and exciting occasions.

Linaw Beach Resort features its very own restaurant that offers delectable and mouthwatering international cuisines, and a beautiful pool bar that serves very cool and exciting drinks. At the end of their stay, guests will surely appreciate and remember this place for the wonderful hospitality and friendly service that the resort management and staff provide.

Additionally, Linaw Beach Resort also offers exciting tour packages to some of the most popular sites in the province of Bohol. For six to eight hours, the Chocolate Hills Tour includes stops at wonderful places like Loboc Rive, Baclayon Church, and of course the very popular Chocolate Hills. Under the Countryside Tour, guests can enjoy very beautiful and charming tourist spots like Hanging Bridge, Man-Made Forest, Clarin Ancestral House, Python Sanctuary, and Blood Compact Site. On the other hand, they can enjoy a shorter but very enjoyable travel under the Sagbayan Peak Tour, which includes stops at Sagbayan Peak, Calape Church, and Punta Cruz Watch Tower.