Lintauan Beach in Bohol

Lintuan Beach, in Barangay Lintuan, is among the vivid attractions of Loon in Bohol. Located a few towns north of Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol, Lintuan Beach is an accessible tourist destination.

A mere 30 to 40 minute drive from Tagbilaran—or 25 kilometers—is the historic town of Loon. Among its pride is its coastal beauty where Lintuan Beach lies. On the way we pass by Taloto and Tiptip, then Cortes and Lincod. Just before we get to Loon we pass by Dipationg. These are all coastal areas allowing salient views of the Bohol and Visayan Sea and far-off Cebu.

Lintuan Beach is immaculate with its white sand and emerald pristine waters that bare a portion of the deep even at shallow waters. We can enjoy a great deal of white sand here with Lintuan Beach’s long stretch of coastal line. The gentle waters at the shore are safe for children and the abundance of shells is sure to be a delightful treasure to them.

There are numerous fast ferries going to Tagbilaran from Cebu. But the most convenient to take from Cebu are those going to Tubigon directly across taking some 3 hours travel. Then we can go south to Lintuan Beach in Loon. Aside from the beach, Loon prides itself with its centuries-old church with 154 stone steps leading to Napo, an erstwhile town seat. Spaniards forced native slaves to build the church.

Loon being a third class municipality, Lintuan Beach remains rarely discovered among outsiders—which partly explains the unspoiled nature of the place. The deep sea life remains flawless with plenty of corals and fish types visible even at shallow points. A few distance off Lintuan Beach, out there in the high seas, are hammerhead sharks. Dive facilities in nearby towns are available. Far off is a lighthouse and cottage resorts.

It’s great to stay in hotels in Tagbilaran or Panglao Island, the nearest lodges to Lintuan Beach. In Tagbilaran, the choice often is Metro Center Hotel, Hotel La Roca, or Soledad Suites. In Panglao they are Bohol Beach Club, Alona Palm Beach Resort, and Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa, among others. The usual hotel amenities are air-con rooms, spa, gyms, Internet, cable, coffee shops, bar grills, cinemas, pools, and tour packages, to name some.

Accommodations cost somewhere from $75 to $310 per two persons per night. Some offer extravagant features and amenities and charge $500 to $3500 per room. But the beauty and allurement of Lintuan Beach make all such expenses worth it.