Loboc Floating Restaurants in Bohol

If you are an adventurous diner and you want to experience something new, take a trip to Loboc, one of the more popular towns in Bohol. Loboc is a humble town about twenty kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, the island province’s capital. It is very famous for its old church built by Jesuits, its children voice choir who’s gone out-of-the-country to showcase its talents, and of course, the floating restaurants that cruise along the scenic Loboc River.

Loboc Floating Restaurants are unique. They started operating in 1995. At that time, the government of Bohol is thinking about something that will make the province’s tourism more active. Since then, Loboc River Cruise became a popular side trip that tourists and locals alike loved indulging into.

Loboc Floating Restaurants are so attractive because it offers the best of both worlds. While in it, you are able to get around Loboc and see its many treasures and have a filling lunch meal. Loboc River plays host to many interesting sights – tall trees kissing the waters, small kids diving for show, pristine waters, and locals going through their everyday. When those are combined with native dishes served in an eat-all-you-can fashion.

The idea of a floating raft held together by two motor boats is something fresh that for sure a lot of dining enthusiasts would love. Add to that is the fact that dining at Loboc’s Floating Restaurants only costs a little over USD5. It is not as much if you think about the many things that you could get out of the one-hour tour along the Loboc River.

After your filling Loboc River Cruise, you can easily jump into other Bohol treasures. Loboc is very accessible to some of the greatest sights in Bohol including the Panglao Island where dive sites and white sand beaches are dime a dozen and the very famous Chocolate Hills. Aside from those famous sights, there are also a couple of restaurants that can be found around the municipality of Loboc. You sure would never ran out of other things to do, other places to see, and other sites to explore while you are in Bohol. And Loboc is a good starting point to all of those adventures!

Loboc’s floating restaurants are usually included in many Bohol travel packages. All you need to do is to ensure that it is part of the itinerary. Your travel guide will handle every thing for you. There are numerous floating restaurants that go around by day and by night as well. Most of them charge the same and house the very same amenities others have.