in Bohol

Loboc River Cruise Restaurant changed the perspective of dining altogether. Since most visitors touring Bohol are in for a limited time, it was a perfect idea to combine the cruise with a great meal!

Loboc River Cruise Restaurant is a floating restaurant that is run by motor boats. The restaurant is on a platform that is made steadily secured by two boats on both ends. The cruise picks off from the Laoay Bridge, a few stone throws away from the Loboc Parish church and about twenty kilometers away from Tagbilaran City. It is one trip you have no reason to miss out on because it is included in most Bohol travel packages on offer. You could never claim you have experienced Bohol if you have not tried the Loboc River Cruise Restaurant. Loboc is a pathway through the luxurious restaurants and hotels of Panglao Island. Then again, those other restaurants come in secondary to the Loboc River Cruise Restaurant experience.

Each Loboc River Cruise Restaurant can hold at least 20 people on board at a time. Right in the middle of the huge bamboo raft is the buffet table where authentic Filipino/Boholano dishes are generously served. Meals are pegged at around USD6, eat-all-you-can style. There are soups, grilled seafoods, grilled meats, native delicacies, and fresh desserts on the table. You sure would never find a shortage of choices while dining at the Loboc River Cruise Restaurant. If you are lucky enough, you can have your meal with soft, live music playing in the background. Music bands are usually aboard Loboc River Cruise Restaurants to keep you entertained while you fill in your stomach. If you are a true-blue nature lover, however, you will never find any more use for the inhouse entertainment. The scenery that is served right before your eyes are more than enough to keep your eyes satisfied.

What is so special about Loboc River Cruise Restaurant is the fact that it is continuously moving to give you a different scenic view every other minute. One moment, you are staring at tall coconut palm trees; another moment, you are being treated to a look at the Bohol lifestyle through the locals that you come by. The photographic views are truly more filling than what you actually put in your mouth.

If you want to experience the Loboc River Cruise Restaurant goodness, get in touch with your touring partner. There are numerous restaurants that have been doing this for the past 13 years. You just have to make your choice and enjoy!