Loboc River Cruise in Bohol

Taking a cruise at the famed Loboc River is one of the most interesting activities that visitors could ever do in Bohol. No trip to the serene province is complete without the experience of the Loboc River Cruise.

Loboc is about 24 kilometers from Tagbilaran City, Bohol’s provincial capital. Loboc is known for its floating restaurants, its tarsiers, its old church, and its children’s choir. A trip to Loboc is usually a 30-minute ride from Tagbilaran. Going there, you will pass by the ever famous Sandugo Monument, an old church relic, and huge Balite tree. The send off place for a Loboc River Cruise can be found near the parish church, where musical history has been rewritten over and over.

The main feature of Loboc is definitely its floating restaurants where you can take a meal while cruising the scenic Loboc River. A floating restaurant is usually two boats connected with a platform where the tables are set. Aside from food, floating restaurants also offer entertainment generously. A band plays while the Loboc River Cruise is ongoing. You must be choosy with your boat because every boat is dedicated to a specific music genre.

In the middle of the float, the buffet table is set. It features mainly authentic Filipino dishes, which will make you love the Philippines and the Loboc River Cruise even more. The landscape cascading on your left and on your right are good enough appetizers.

Well, enough about the food. What is far more interesting when you are going through a Loboc River Cruise is that you get to experience Bohol at its best. On the course of the floating restaurant’s trip, you will see the every day life of the locals in capsule. Although mindful of the visitors that are around most of the time, the locals manage to let out the persons that they really are and are appreciated for it. Kids can be found swimming at most parts of the water. The more adventurous group would climb a coconut tree that overhangs in the river and jump just right beside your float.

The Loboc River Cruise is as old as the river itself was discovered to be of value as a major tourist attraction. It kept the municipality’s tourism alive and healthy. Of course, you will need a good sum to experience the Loboc River Cruise but as food is served on buffet and entertainment is generously offered, your money spent would all be worth it. You can even ask for your chance to shine and sing along with the band if you want to.