Loboc River in Bohol

Loboc is a popular municipality of Bohol. It can be found about 24 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, the provincial capital. Going to Loboc is an easy 30-minute ride, which is an adventure in itself. The municipality of Loboc dons many different attractions from natural to man-made structures. No trip to the municipality is complete, however, without visiting its most scenic spot: the Loboc River.

The Loboc River can be found right where the parish church of Loboc is situated. Although the church can give you a nice view with its well-documented murals, a museum that is inside an old convent, and the wonderful sound of the Children’s choir, splurging to the goodness of the Loboc River remains unequalled.

Loboc River is best experienced on a cruise, which will tour you down the strait with lots of food and entertainment on board. The floating restaurants, wonderfully crafted with two boats and a sturdy platform, will take you through the serenity and peace that the Loboc River can offer.

While on the cruise, you get a peek on the everyday life of the locals. Boholeños are such warm individuals. They are always ready to share with you how they go through their every day, making you feel like you are one of them even for just a time. If the locals prove to be an attraction of their own, wait until you get the juiciest part, which is nature served on the most desirable platter. Left and right of the river, you will find luscious greens complete with overhanging coconut trees where kids climb up to dive into the pristine waters of Loboc River.

At the end of a cruise to Loboc River, the boat will lead you to Busay falls, which serves as the dead end that will take you back to where you have started. The falls is low at about a meter and a half height but it sure makes for a good hindrance for the floating restaurant to go any further. The Loboc River trip usually takes about less than two hours back-and-forth. The scenes that will greet you at the return trip are quite different from the ones you have previously seen. This means that you will most likely enjoy the whole trip for all that it is worth.

A trip to the Loboc River costs some money but if you think of how much you can gain from the experience, you will forget all about the sum you needed to shed for it. The Loboc River is one of the most worthy trips that you must never forget to go through when you happen to be in Bohol.