Bohol is a Philippine island popularly known for more than one thousand hills known as Chocolate Hills. It is also popular for white beaches and for the smallest primate, the Tarsier. Some of the best beaches are in Panglao, Bohol. It has become one of leading destinations where tourists flock. Other places include Palawan, Boracay and Cebu. This is also the same reason why the rates of hotels, tourists attractions and other establishments in Bohol have gone up however Bohol can still be a good place to visit even for those with limited buget. The people should only be willing to sacrifice much convenience to enjoy all that the beautiful island has to offer.

Staying n the lodge is one way to have a cheaper expense when traveling to Bohol. There are many lodges that you can choose from. It is wise to stay in Tagbilaran which is the capital of Bohol. In Tagbilaran there are many good lodging houses and hotels. Many lodging houses is just a tricycle ride away from the Bohol airport. Tagbilaran is also near the commercial area where the mall can be found. The usual rate for a room is one thousand three hundred pesos for a day and there are still more lodging houses which offers rooms below a thousand pesos. The drivers of the tricycles and taxis can always assists tourists while canvassing for a place to stay.

The food in Bohol is cheaper as compared to the food that can be bought in Manila. It is practical to order from fast food chains and just take them to go so you can eat in the hotel. It is also best to just take the tricycle upon arriving in the city than renting a car or a cab. The usual rate for a tricycle ride taking you to the city is just a hundred pesos only.

The price of the cabs and cars usually doubles when they have to travel to places like Loboc and Panglao which is outside the city. You can take the jeepney if you are heading to Loboc. The jeepney fare for each person costs twenty five pesos only.

A cruise on the Loboc river by a boat usually costs six hundred pesos for each person. The cruise lasts for one hour. People can eat in the Restaurants in the Loboc River which floats. They usually charge charges each person two hundred fifty pesos for a complete meal but to save money it is best to just bring packed lunch while on the cruise. The cruise lets the people enjoy the natural wonders of nature. The cruise highlights the blue waters of the rivers and waterfalls as well as the beauty of the forests surrounding the river. It is also home to many Tarsiers. Tourists can also ask to have their photos taken with the small primates as souvenirs.

From the river you can go to the Loboc Park which features a local restaurant where they have Tarsiers in cages as attraction. The park also offers carabao rides that will lead you to the forests behind.

Visiting the Loboc Park and other Bohol attractions can be lighter on the pocket as long as you stay practical and enjoy Bohol within your budget.