Lost Horizon Resort in Bohol

Located at the beautiful island city of Panglao in the province of Bohol, Lost Horizon Resort is another excitingly beautiful and captivating resort within the Philippines. Away from the busy and noisy streets of city life, this place offers tourists and guests a sweet escape from their stressful and hectic lives. Above all, this resort is very popular within the area for mixing outstanding service with its wonderful amenities. Aside from its very affordable room rates, people just cannot resist the beauty and elegance of this wondrous location.

All the rooms at Lost Horizon Resort consist of first-class amenities and top-of-the-line technologies, which are guaranteed to please all its visitors and guests. Complete telephone lines, satellite television sets, and unlimited Internet connectivity are just some of the main features of this outstanding resort. Additionally, people just cannot resist the clean fresh air, pristine waters, and wonderful views that this majestic place provides. Its restaurants, swimming pool, and gardens are excellent places to unwind and relax all throughout the day.

Aside from swimming all throughout the day, guests can enjoy other fun outdoor activities at Lost Horizon Resort. Scuba diving and snorkeling are just two of the many exciting events that people can try when visiting this outstandingly beautiful resort. For all the scuba diving enthusiasts out there, Lost Horizon Resort owns an exclusive dive center called Philippine Fun Divers Inc., which is strategically located within the premises of the resort.

Generally, the outstanding rooms at Lost Horizon Resort are available at very reasonable prices. Economy Rooms are cheaply offered at 1,600 pesos or $38, which features a satellite television set, balcony, and mini-bar. Meanwhile, Standard Rooms are priced at 2,295 pesos or $55, which consists of a hot-and-cold shower feature, satellite television sets, and full Internet connectivity. For larger bathrooms and spacious rooms, guests can choose Deluxe Rooms for only 2,695 pesos or $64. For larger groups, it is best to choose Family Executive Sun View Rooms to accommodate all their needs, which are reasonably priced at 3,995 pesos or $95.

Because Lost Horizon Resort is situated within Panglao Island, guests can easily move their way all around the province. For tourists and avid travelers, this place also serves as an excellent jump-off point towards some of the special tourist destinations in the country. In Tagbilaran City, they can witness historic and excellent locations such as Bohol Museum, President Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Park, and Blood Compact Site. Additionally, the place is also near beautiful white sand beach resorts like Bikini Beach, Santa Fe Beach, and Kaingit Beach.