Mag-Aso Falls in Bohol

Bohol has been blessed with Nature’s most wondrous treasures. One of them is Mag-Aso Falls, which is located right within the municipality of Antequera. It is roughly 30 minutes away from Tagbilaran City, traveled through by land. Aside from Mag-Aso Falls, Antequera has also been blessed with caves that are quite interesting to explore.

Mag-Aso Falls is about 25 feet tall. It is situated on a nice backdrop of lush greens composed mainly of towering trees. The site is also quite virgin as its many different portions are preserved to its natural form. The sound of chirping birds, swaying trees, and cascading waters are truly a treat, especially for adventurers who had been used to the metro lifestyle.

Mag-Aso Falls pose as a real treat to trekkers as well. The climb up is pretty rough, challenging, and very fulfilling. If you choose to go up safer, you can go through the concrete steps that are especially provided for explorers of every kind. Although the cemented steps destroy the secluded-ness that Mag-Aso Falls exude, they serve as a convenient passageway for those who like to climb up but do not have the capacity to go through the challenging terrain.

While going up and down the side of Mag-Aso Falls is an adventure in itself, swimming the cool waters down below furthers the allure of the site. One side of the pool is left untouched while the other is created for convenience, allowing picnickers and explorers to seek shelter from the concrete sheds, tables, and seats.

It is especially amazing to take the visit to Mag-Aso Falls when the weather is humid. The cool waters are of big help in neutralizing the scorching hot temperature of the sun. You will surely feel refreshed after a nice slow and long deep into the cascading cool waters of Mag-Aso Falls.

Although Mag-Aso Falls is a stunning view, it is seldom included in Bohol travel packages mostly because it is not in the way of the others. To get to it, you will have to go out your way and set a separate day. One whole day exploring Mag-Aso Falls could be enough for all the interesting activities it offers.

Most sites in Bohol can be explored at a minimal fee. Mag-Aso Falls is one of those sites that does not cost as much. Then again, you will need to shed some extra money for interesting finds and buys that you may encounter upon reaching the place. Aware of their town’s tourism values, the locals have learned to capitalize on their visitors. Also, you need to spend for the trip to Mag-Aso Falls. Whether it is jeepney, car, rented van, or taxi that you choose to transport you there, you should expend for it.