Miravillas Restaurant in Bohol

If we’re crazy about fresh dine-in or take-out seafood specialties we have to see what Miravillas has to offer. It’s among the hottest and latest in seafood craze in Tagbilaran City.

Booy is a coastal town right in the busy edge of Tagbilaran City in Bohol Province. Miravillas—sitting in the center of town—provides a good view of the Bohol Sea as we enjoy luscious fresh seafoods cooked in a variety of ways. Of course, the most popular and aromatic preparation is everybody’s favorite—grilled.

Miravillas is actually a resort and restaurant, but the more interesting aspect is its fresh seafood offers—shrimp, eel, clams, crabs, crablets, shellfish, fish varieties, big prawns—alive and straight from a huge aquarium. They even offer delicious swordfish delicacies.

Aside from grilled foods, Miravillas also serve deep-fried foods like their famous crunchy crablets, fish fillets, and other seafood cuisines cooked with butter and garlic. All these always go perfectly with Miravillas’ garlic rice. The place is not flashy or stylish—with ordinary wood-plank tables and plastic chairs plus the open-air ambience—but aroma of food being cooked is what makes Miravillas a big hit.

A kilo of fresh giant shrimp costs Php 1,800 or about $40 and have them cooked the way we want. A complete meal for two with rice, viand, and softdrinks costs Php 2000 or $44. We can also opt to take home the order and cook it at home to enjoy it with the family. Miravillas is simple yet quality.

Miravillas is on F.V. Harrizon in Booy, Tagbilaran City—quite near the popular Bohol Tropics Resort, and also within driving distance from the bus terminal or airport of the city. Going out of Bohol Tropics Resort, just turn left and drive straight ahead.

Booy is accessible to the major commercial establishments and malls in Tagbilaran City. There are public vehicles and private cabs available to go to and from Marivillas. There are also rides available to far-flung countryside towns. From Marivillas in Booy the Causeway Bridge to Panglao Island is also within easy driving distance—about 20 to 30 minutes away.

Marivillas can also provide lodging for our short stay in Tagbilaran, especially if we plan to be out the whole day and need lodging only at night and some grooming preparations in the morning. But as far as seafoods galore and quality is concerned Marivillas can be at par with the big-time players, anytime.

If we’re contemplating on one of the freshest or superbly cooked seafoods provider in Tagbilaran, try Marivillas.