Momo Beach in Bohol

If you think the most pleasing white sand beaches can only be found in Boracay, the beach capital of the Philippines, think again. The island province of Bohol has a couple of beaches that could give Boracay a run for their money. Momo Beach is among the wonderful white sand beaches that Bohol can boast about. Its crystal blue waters put against a powdery white sand background is just amazing!

Momo Beach is part of the wonderful strait of Panglao Island. It is about 19 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City. Momo Beach can be considered as a virgin haven since it has been rarely explored. Its location is an important factor behind this. It is quite far from the civilization and only true-blooded adventurers are able to brave the long ride to Momo Beach. In return, they are also the only ones who can boast about a pristine water experience.

At present, Momo Beach can be considered under developed. The government of Barangay Tangnan has yet to put up benches and cottages for visitors, locals and foreigners alike. There are also no resorts, hotels, or notable restaurants currently built around the location of the beach. If you are to explore Momo Beach, therefore, you must be prepared for its shortcomings.

A topnotch activity for Momo Beach visitors is diving. The beach features a 40m deep diving site. Underwater, you could experience one of the best diving events of your life. The breathing life underwater Momo Beach is truly amazing. The coastline boasts of unique species of fishes and other sea creatures that cannot be found elsewhere. If you enjoy being with the sea wonders, you must try diving at Momo Beach.

Aside from diving, Momo Beach is also a significant place to hold many other water activities. That is added to the fact that it is relaxing to just wile away your time and appreciate what Nature has to offer in this side of the Momo Beach.

For sure, we will hear more about Momo Beach in the near future. With more and more people discovering the goodness in this secluded part of Panglao Island, there will be a clamor for the private haven feel that Momo Beach offers generously. Although the secluded-ness of the beach will be lost, we expect that the water experience it can offer will improve considerably. A wonderful, wonderful beach such as the Momo Beach would not be counted if no one goes out of his way to explore it.