Napaling Dive Site in Bohol

Diving is a favorite activity among those who visit Bohol, Philippines. The island province is rich with wonderful dive sites that make for the most interesting water experiences.

Napaling is one dive site not to be missed with its rich marine life, crystal blue waters, and just about all the good things you would ever want in a diving spot.

Napaling is located in Panglao Island, a very famous strait of waters in all of Bohol. The wondrous dive site is specifically situated in Tangnan, which is about 21 kilometers away from Belleview Rock Resort. Belleview Rock Resort is not the only attraction that is of proximity to Napaling. There are other private havens that are just about a few minutes boat ride from the sloped diving site.

To get to Napaling, you can take jeepneys, cars, vans, and other rented vehicles from the Alona Beach. That is, in case, the Alona waters are rough. But if it is safe to travel by water, it would be much faster to travel by boat.

Napaling includes a sloped wall and a snorkeling spot. It makes for a very nice diving location the whole day. You need to take some precautions, though. Napaling can be very slippery sometimes.

A good diving spot should have the basic qualities showing off a lively marine life. Napaling has that and more. It is perfect for lovers of shallow-water photographs. Napaling has very rich stable of exquisite corals. Marine life is truly lively in this specific portion of Bohol waters. In fact, if you are lucky enough, you can even sneak a peek on young barracudas and banner fishes. Schools of fishes are also going around freely. Napaling is not yet affected by the harsh elements that dynamite fishing brings.

Traveling to Napaling for a dive may cost you some bucks. But if you look at all the advantages you can get from exploring the pretty nice place, you will see that every cent you spend is all worth it.

Bohol is a nice place to explore. From its land sites to its water sites, you will not run out of great places to go to. Diving is especially amazing in Napaling because the bodies of water in the island province of Bohol are left mostly untouched. It has been preserved to show off how good Mother Nature is, blessing the place with pure and exquisite beauty that is quite like no other.