News and Media Institutions in the Province of Bohol

Bohol MediaThroughout the years, the news and media institutions in the province of Bohol have continued to serve its people with highly reliable information on the different happenings and special events in the province. These institutions continuously play a very important role that greatly affects the lives of all the people living within and outside the area.

In other words, these news and media groups help define how local residents as well as those who live beyond the borders of the province will perceive Bohol. Newspapers, television stations, as well as radio stations continue to provide people with highly reliable and very credible information about the various important events and occasions happening all over the area.

Local Newspapers

Packed with all the freshest and the latest news, local newspapers are very reliable media that Boholanos use to update themselves with what is happening within the area. Top newspapers in the area include the Bohol Standard, Bohol Sunday Post, and the Bohol Chronicle.

Bohol Standard

Known as a weekly publication, the Bohol Standard has no other major aim but to provide its audience with the truth at its barest form. Through the years, this group maintains a solid reputation as an outstanding news provider by adhering to the principles of truthful, balanced, ethical journalism.

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Bohol Sunday Post

In the meantime, Bohol Sunday Post tries to revolutionize the traditional means of delivering the truth in newspapers through the highly innovative and diverse styles of its editors. It has a fearless cast of highly talented journalists who are very much willing to disclose the truth using all the available means. Its editorial section is highly opinionated, while people can read a lot of valuable information through its business-related articles.

Bohol Chronicle

On the other hand, the Bohol Chronicle is a se mi-weekly newspaper published during Sundays and Wednesdays. The editorial, business, and printing operations of the group are located at 56 B. Inting Street in Tagbilaran City. By reading its various pages, people can find all the right information they need including current events in government, business, and sports.

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Another Bohol Newspaper is the Bohol Times

Television Stations

Bohol has several highly reliable television stations that offer various kinds of outstanding programs such as news and current affairs, as well as entertainment. Some of the top television stations in the province include ABS-CBN TV-9 Bohol and GMA TV-11 Bohol, both of which are located at the municipality of Jagna within the province of Bohol. Aside from the free TV channels, there are cable television networks as well including the Cebu Catholic Television Network Channel 47, which covers lively information about the different aspects of life such as current affairs, sports, and lifestyle.

Radio Stations

Throughout the years, the province of Bohol has created an extensive roster of highly advanced and state-of-the-art radio stations. The most popular and highly influential FM radio stations in the area include DYRD-FM of Bohol Chronicle Radio, DYTR-FM of Tagbilaran Broadcasting Network, DYTG-FM of Tagbilaran Broadcasting Company, and DYCN-FM of Tagbilaran Broadcasting Corp. On the other hand, there are also some very nice, highly entertaining, and super credible AM radio stations in the province such as DYRD-AM Tagbilaran Bohol and DYTR-AM of Tagbilaran Broadcasting Network.