Nuts Huts Retreat in Bohol

There are plenty of resorts and hotels in Bohol, but for something unique, you should go try out the Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol, as it offers you a view and experience that few other places can match.

The Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol offers several room types at very competitive rates. The Dorm Rooms cost only 250-350 Php ($5 to $11); the Standard Rooms 450 Php ($10) and the VIP 600 Php ($13). Restrooms are provided for.

The rooms at the Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol are in native huts. With bamboo beds, amakan walls, hardwood flooring and mosquito nets, the place exudes a feeling of being truly at peace and away from the hustle of city life.

There is also a hammock for rest and relaxation, and for those tired after spending the day hiking or going up the mountains, a sauna is available. Using native ingredients mixed with the steam, one will get easily rejuvenated.

The Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol also has a restaurant. It is designed to look like a hut, in keeping with the theme of the retreat. Encompassed by lush greens, you can enjoy a wide array of meals, ranging from local dishes to Asian and Western servings.

There are also other services and accommodations at Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol. For those who would like to explore the area on their own, renting motorbikes is possible. With a mountain bike you can move about the countryside more easily and at your leisure.

Part of what makes the Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol attractive to tourists and travelers is its location. Unlike the other hotels and resorts in Bohol that are in Panglao Island, the retreat is situated in the vicinity of the Loboc River. Surrounded by greens, the entire area, together with the restaurant, offers a view of the mountains, the rivers, and valleys below.

For new visitors the owners of the Nuts Huts Retreat Bohol provide assistance with guides on how to navigate the surrounding areas.

From the Tagbilaran City port, it is usually a three hour journey to the Loboc River where the resort is located. Or you can take a cab straight out of the airport or seaport. Then you will see a road sign indicating that the Nuts Huts Retreat is nearby and then you can take a few minutes stroll to the resort.

There is another way for the tourist to reach the place. You can take the bus marked “Chocolate Hills/Carmen” right at the bus terminal in Tagbilaran City (it is called Dao Integrated Bus Terminal). You just wait for the signs indicating that Nuts Huts is nearby. Get off the bus, and walk to the retreat.