Palm Island Hotel Dive Resort in Bohol

Bohol is home to palm beaches and dive resorts. Its blue and turquoise warm waters make it inviting to swimmers and divers. Each of these resorts have their own unique way of entertainment and accommodation, and there are 15 famous palm beaches and dive sites to choose from.

Palm beaches in Bohol got its name from palm trees surrounding the area. Palms trees makes sceneries cool beside the beach. Bohol beach is something like when you picture yourself relaxing on a hammock lazing on a sunset under the shade of trees, amidst the greens and flowers, and sipping the freshest fruit juice on hand. White and powdery sand covers the beaches that make it comfortable to walk barefoot and feel the tingling sensation under ones feet.

If you are ready to dive, rentals of diving equipment are available from the place. Other services like refresher diving course and guides are on hand for a minimal fee. Diving Packages are under the Philippine Diving Association to ensure safety of divers.

Bohol takes pride of its marine ecosystem which is considered as the most productive in the world and natures wonder which is an attraction to Divers.

Most palm beaches and diving camps are located in Panglao Island, south of Bohol. It is easily accessible from the Tagbilaran port of Bohol.

Palm beaches and dive resorts mentioned here have been given favorable ratings by visitors who had travelled the place. These are Napaling, Doljo Point, Pungtud Wall, Danao Beach Habagat Wreck, Kalipayan, Garden Eels, Huse Reef Alona beach, Arco Point, Pamilacan, Cevera Shoal or Snake Island; all located around Panglao Island.

A nearby island, the Balicasag island, also in Panglao has equally beautiful palm beaches and dive resorts. These are the Black Forest, Rudys Rock, Ricos Wall, Cathedral, and Divers Haven.

Accommodations and reservations from these sites could be handled by tour and hotel agents.

All these resorts have fully air-conditioned rooms, swimming pools, and cottages. Restaurants serve choices of Filipino food and foreign cuisine.

Bohol could be reached by plane and by boat. You could fly from Manila direct to Bohol, or get a flight from Manila to Cebu which takes about 50 minutes travel. Airline companies serving this route are Philippine Airlines, Cebu-Pacific, Asian Spirit, Astro Air and Grand Air

Transfer flight is available from both ports to Tagbilaran. It would take only a few minutes drive from Tagbilaran to Panglao Island and one is ready to explore the beauty of the island.

A traveler has a choice to take a ferry boat from Bohol to be able to see various sea creatures and sceneries during travel. Dolphins and whale sharks are sometimes seen frolicking in this area of the sea.

All of the 15 palm beaches and dive resort sites are best choices for tourists and vacationers for a place to relax, explore and enjoy.

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