Pamilacan Island in Bohol

Location and how to get there

Pamilacan Island stands alone in the midst of the Bohol Sea, in the Visayan region of the Philippines. It is in the southeastern end of Bohol. Pamilacan Island is one of the many islands in the country with beautiful white sands and exotic wildlife. It offers attractions for divers, nature lovers and adventurers of all kinds.

Pamilacan Island is about an hour from Alona Beach by boat. From Baclayon, it takes only 45 minutes. In addition, there are several neighboring islands that divers can hop to while there.

What to see

Dolphin and whale watching is one of the main tourist attractions in Pamilacan Island. A package tour would take you on an exciting boat ride with experienced “spotters” to help you find whales and dolphins in the sea. The most favorable times to go dolphin and whale watching are between March and June, but there are whales and dolphins present all throughout the year.

For diving fanatics, Pamilacan Island also offers a wonderful snorkeling experience in its vibrant coral gardens.

History lovers will be drawn to the old Spanish fort in the island, a reminder of Spanish presence from centuries ago. Pamilacan is also rich in bright white sands, corals, and fossilized seashells on the hill.

Around Pamilacan Island you can also take a countryside tour of Bohol. You will find the famous Blood Compact site in Tagbilaran City, where early Filipinos and Spaniards made a treaty of friendship and alliance. Not far, in Carmen are the breathtaking Chocolate Hills, considered as one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. And along Loboc River, one will find the smallest monkey in the world: the tarsier.


Pamilacan Island is a small island, home to less than 250 families. For many centuries, dolphin and whale catching had been the locals’ way of life. Recently, however, the Philippine government imposed a total ban on the hunting of these sea mammals. Today, dolphin and whale watching offers an alternative livelihood to the local population affected by the ban.


Package tours in and around Pamilacan Island are relatively cheap. For a single person, a package tour that includes dolphin and whale watching, swimming, snorkeling and a tour of historic and landmark sites range from P2,500 to P3,800 ($55-$85) for one person. Much lower rates can be obtained if you are traveling in a group.

Other info

Pamilacan Island is said to be named after the harpoon, or “pamilac.” It is home to a small but closely knit community of fishermen and their families. The island is a sanctuary for several species of mammals, including different whales.

The best time to visit is in the summer around March until June, when the rainy season starts. The waters are calmest during this period. When dolphin and whale watching, tourists should bring extra clothing, bathing suits, binoculars, camera and extra film or batteries. If you are a sensitive traveler, bring anti-motion sickness pills as well.