Panglao Beach Resort Resto in Bohol

When in Panglao Island and looking for appetizing foods with super affordable prices, then search out Panglao Beach Resort Resto. It’s the apt place to dine for our tight-budgeted trip.

Wooden huts and open air, though too simple and nothing fancy, this dining ambience takes us to the soul of the island—native, simple, quiet, and all-natural. Plus plenty of seafoods—and quite affordable at that. Panglao Beach Resort Resto can make quality tour spending—often costing lots of money—very practical.

The food is good, mostly local dishes, and the best part is that local fresh seafoods abound at a cheap price. For a satisfying meal we only spend about $2 each order, and that’s a lot of tasty Boholano cuisines and other native dishes, not to mention the flavorsome crab marrow and its white steaming meat. All fresh at Panglao Beach Resort Resto.

Countless patrons have commented that Panglao Beach Resort Resto is generally cheaper compared to other eateries around offering the same services. A big meal each person or two may cost only about US $10 or around Php 450. Besides, we get a good view of the Panglao beachfront and a good whiff of sea air. Panglao Island is just 10 to 15 minutes from the Tagbilaran Airport or bus terminals—just cross the Causeway Bridge and we’re there.

Hotels in Panglao Island near Panglao Beach Resort Resto are Alona Kew Beach, said to be the most popular in the island; the 2-storey apartment-type Aquatica; and the Bohol Divers’ Resort, among others. And talking about diving, Panglao has many popular world-class dive sites around, especially if we drop by sites around Balicasag southwest of Panglao.

When diving in the vicinity of Divers Haven or Puntod island near Panglao Bay we may opt to have a rest and dinner at Panglao Beach Resort Resto. We can relax looking at the pristine waters and white sand coastline as we enjoy food. The place itself is dotted with relaxing palm and coconut trees.

Sipping tropical fruit juice while sheltered from the noonday sun in a wooden veranda makes loafing at Panglao Beach Resort Resto seem a costly time off. But a meager meal expense is really all it takes to get this pleasurable dinner. Tourists are beginning to discover the practical option of dining at Panglao Beach Resort Resto.

So, for more practicable yet quality tourist-worthy seafood dishes Boholano style, always check out Panglao Beach Resort Resto.