Paragayo Resort in Bohol

In a country full of outstanding tourist destinations, it is amazing how Panglao Island in the province of Bohol was able to move past the others in terms of its beauty, grandiosity, and charisma. Year after year, it seems that more and more people are starting to notice the value of this place as a rising tourist spot. The prestige and attention that the island has received in recent times have been attributed to the various beach resorts within the area, which contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic value of the place.

Found within the increasingly popular Alona Beach, Paragayo Resort offers tourists and guests an outstanding alternative to all the expensive beach resorts and hotels within the area. Its clear waters, clean sand, and airy ambiance help the place attract a great deal of people, in addition to its super affordable room rates. In the past few years, this budget resort has been a heavy favorite among local and foreign visitors, thanks mainly to its cheaper room rates, without having to compromise the quality of its services and amenities.

Basically, Paragayo Resort offers four different main types of rooms, including the Deluxe Room, Standard Deluxe, Standard Room, and Bungalow. The key features of a every Deluxe Room include a private balcony, a fully-functional air-condition unit, and a huge double bed. All of these wonderful features can be experienced for the very low price of 1,200 pesos. Meanwhile, a Standard Deluxe room at the Paragayo Resort consists of a smaller space, with almost the same great features as that of a Deluxe Room. In addition to this, the cost is cheaper at 1,100 pesos.

On the other hand, a Standard Room is the most affordable among the different room types at Paragayo Resort. For only 1,000 pesos, guests can book in these beautiful rooms at any point of the day. Aside from a cozy bed, it has everything a traveler needs like an air-condition unit and a hot-and-cold shower feature. For those who want to save more, Standard Fan Rooms are also available. Because of its fewer amenities, these rooms could cost guests just 700 pesos for an exciting overnight stay.

Lastly, Bungalow Rooms are perfect for families and other large groups of people visiting Paragayo Resort. Each room contains an air-conditioning unit, a cable television set, and a DVD player. At the same time, guests can also enjoy a mini-ref, which is good for preserving their food and drinks. For a reasonable price of 1,900 pesos, a Bungalow room can accommodate up to four people. For every additional person, a rate of 250 pesos would be charged. With all these super affordable rooms, excellent views, and wonderful amenities, Paragayo Resort is truly an excellent place to be at any part of the year.