Plaza Marcela in Bohol

Are you a mall rat? Are you interested Plaza Marcela - Boholin exploring shopping malls and department stores in other places? If you have interest in visiting the attractive tourist destinations in Bohol but have hesitations since the province may not have luring shopping malls, you are mistaken because Bohol houses different enticing and high class shopping malls.

Aside from the famous Island City Mall in Bohol, travelers to Bohol are also encouraged to shop at the province’s second most beautiful shopping mall, Plaza Marcela.

The mall opened in 1997 and at that time, Boholanos considered it as the best shopping mall in town. However, recently, another shopping mall named Island City Mall took the place of Plaza Marcela as the most visited shopping center in the province.

Even if Island City Mall gets the attention of many mall goers in Bohol, Plaza Marcela continues to improve its facilities by adding specialty stores and restaurants.

Plaza Marcela has a spacious and covered parking lot. It is also secured so shoppers will not have worries while they shop at the mall. In addition, Plaza Marcela is accessible to other establishments like schools. Because of these factors, many Boholanos still visit this shopping mall.

Jollibee and Greenwich are the famous fast food place at the mall. However, for those who want a taste of sizzling dishes, they can dine at Plaza Marcela Food Court. Aside from sizzling dishes, the food court also has stores that offer snacks to shoppers.


Guess?, Mona Lisa and Hammerhead Jeans And Shirt are some of the boutiques at Plaza Marcela. Shoppers can also look Plaza Marcela - Boholat Home and Fashion Department for their fashion and housing needs. Music lovers can visit Odyssey for latest music releases.

Plaza Marcela also houses Filbar, so those who collect magazines can visit this store. Lastly, shoppers can also relax at the gaming center of the mall where several enticing arcade games are available.

Strategically located at Corner Pamaong and Belderel Streets, Cogon District in Tagbilaran City, many people spend their leisure time at this mall. Almost all of the basic needs of Boholanos are present at the mall, which is a plus factor to this establishment.

To lure shoppers, Plaza Marcela sometimes holds special events, which feature many famous actors and actresses.

Above all, what makes this shopping mall still attractive up to this time is that it is situated in the busy district of the province’s capital city, which makes it accessible to many tourists in Bohol.