PMI Colleges Bohol in Bohol

One of the non-sectarian, private, and co-educational tertiary schools in Bohol, PMI Colleges Bohol specializes in degrees programs that are important to those who want to explore careers available in the maritime industry. This educational institution has campuses and facilities in several areas of Tagbilaran City. Inside the buildings occupied by this school, students can find spacious and organized classrooms. Even if the classrooms are not air-conditioned, each of the room has electric fans to ensure that the places are well ventilated and conducive for learning. In addition, this educational institution features advance nautical equipment that students can use including a radar equipment, aneroid barometer, and Furuno Radar Model 1600.

PMI Colleges Bohol offers different baccalaureate degrees and graduate degrees. For those who want to enroll in courses available at the schools Department of Marine Engineering, they can check the curriculum of the undergraduate degree Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering, as well as the associate course Associate in Marine Engineering. On the other hand, for students who want to improve their understanding on customs administration, they can register in the degree program Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration. Finally, for students who want to enroll in special courses that this tertiary school in Bohol offers, they can register in the institutions Seafarer Rating Course Major in Stewardship or Major in Deck.

For individuals who want to register in any of the academic programs at PMI Colleges Bohol, they are advised to prepare 5,000 pesos to 20,000 pesos for the tuition and miscellaneous fees. For those who do not have enough budgets to pay for the tuition fees, they can look for benefactors who can help them finance their expenses in school. They can also inquire about the scholarship programs or even financial grants that this educational institution offers to deserving students.

For those who want to have a glance at the facilities of PMI Colleges Bohol is situated along CPG Avenue, while its extension is located at Tomas Cloma Avenue in Tagbilaran City. Students have nothing to worry about transportation since jeepneys in the city usually pass through these avenues. In addition, the school campuses are very accessible to shopping complexes so students and faculty members can easily get their needs. Moreover, there are nearby dining facilities that offer affordable meals. With the high quality education that this tertiary school in Bohol promotes, students can surely excel in the careers that they want to pursue in the maritime industry.