Puntod Dive Site in Bohol

Puntod Island, off the coast of Doljo, Panglao, is a dive sanctuary popular for its coral walls, marvelous slope dives, and amazing sea life. It shares the deep sea bounty prevalent in the nearby group of islands of the Panglao vicinity in Bohol.

It is easy to reach this dive paradise. A short air travel from Cebu to Alona beach is merely an hour and a half. The travel from Alona to Puntod is a leisurely banca trip lasting merely some 30 minutes of pleasurable and relaxing panoramic sea coasts, all 11.5 kilometers of the distance. Taking a ship from Manila to Tagbilaran takes about 23 hours and then 30 minutes from the Tagbilaran airport to Panglao.

scuba diving - boholOn the island we get nothing but superb easy and shallow dive sites. Even mere snorkeling can afford deep sea delights under ideal conditions. Puntod divulges marvelous sights from 3 to 40 meters deep. We see amazing soft and hard corals even in shallow portions, cavernous terrain, among others. There are scorpion fish, ribbon eels, fusiliers, nudi branches, and other small fish species.

Puntod deep sea sights are ideal for deep sea photography. The sea floor is rich with inundating white sand with lots of reef mounds carpeted with astounding collections of various corals. Among the best things about Puntod is also its zero incidence of dynamite fishing.

On the island of Puntod itself we enjoy the serenity of a virgin island where few people—mostly tourists—venture to explore its white sand beach. It is a deserted beach haven with lots of coconut trees and a crescent-shaped sand bar. We may enjoy a gentle sun in the morning or late afternoon and rest lying down on the Puntod beach floor with our backs to the sky.

With regards to lodging there are nearby islands that provide classy tourist resorts that afford cozy cabins and stylish eateries serving both local and foreign delights. One is on the Lighthouse island and another is the Ananya Resort on Panglao Island. Both of these are merely within minutes of banca travel from Puntod.

Puntod is among the cluster of diving points and islands scattered off the coast of Panglao and is popular worldwide as among the best dive spots internationally. The best deep sea scenery can be viewed at a shallow depth—hence the easy diving lure of Puntod.

We can have the dive experience of our lives with a visit to Puntod. It is among the few unspoiled deep sea wonders this side of the planet.