The Pyramid Restaurant in Bohol

A perfect mix of Filipino ingenuity and a touch of European class—The Pyramid in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines is the epitome of stylish native dining lavished with an unusual environment. Set on the edge of the sea, The Pyramid Filipino Restaurant affords only the best in everything we look for in a classy diner.

It majors on sweet-smelling grilled fresh sea foods and barbecued selections, aside from its expertly prepared native Filipino cuisines and European dishes. This is not to mention The Pyramid’s tropical blends of fresh native fruit squeezes we can leisurely sip as we relax and survey the panoramic view of the sea.

We can choose from an assortment of various native seafood recipes, western pasta and richly packed bulky sandwiches, teriyaki, chili varieties, beef and pork viands, among others, all richly flavored with tropical garnishing in ingenious presentation. The Pyramid restaurant structure itself is an ingenious blend of native thatched hut gables with pronounced pointed eaves and modern interior of dominantly Amakan walls.

The site is easily accessible from the Tagbilaran airport—some 20 minutes—because transportation to and from The Pyramid in Barangay Tawala, Alona Beach, is easy and varied. Metered cabs are the most favored among tourists. It is adjacent to the popular Sea-Quest Divers and only some 80 miles from the entrance of Alona Kew Beach.

The Pyramid, a native fancy Filipino restaurant started operations last part of 2006 serving local and international foods at reasonable prices. Most interesting to see are the polished bar top of wood and bamboo, elegant kerosene-lit dinner table lamps, and the ultra-tropical torch implements of local wood, all in a relaxing tropical setting.

This seaside exquisite diner, The Pyramid, also offers the best in western beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. For instance, we are always lured into sampling the Italian and Californian wine varieties on display. Not far are entertainment amenities to enjoy our beverage sips with like billiard and pool tables and darts.

Best of all, The Pyramid Filipino restaurant and cottages provide us with a seaside respite venue far away from the hassle and bustle of city life and the stress of daily work. Here, time seems to stop to allow us breathing space for nature contemplation and the best cuisines man can derive from such nature.

Among the most elegant but affordable native Filipino restaurants in the country is The Pyramid. Plan a visit and inquire at [email protected] or call (6338) 502-9168 or try mobile number +63917-326-3743.