Rai Rai Ken in Bohol

Bohol is now populated with different malls that house fast food goodness, just like Rai Rai Ken. This Japanese-inspired eating hub is famous in the metro for its quick fixes that are easy on the budget.

Rai Rai Ken is basically a sushi and ramen house. It serves appetizing Japanese meals in a complete package. You will especially love its array of bento meals. Aside from bentos and ramens and sushis, Rai Rai Ken also rice meals that all imbue the authentic Japanese taste.

Rai Rai Ken - BoholWhat you will love about Rai Rai Ken is that it does not charge much. The price of food is very reasonable and light on the pocket. For a full meal, you will need just USD5. That is a huge treat considering of the best-tasting food, the warm ambience, and of course, efficient service.

Rai Rai Ken in Bohol is no different from its branches in Manila. All branches of this restaurant serve the very same goodness. If you crave for Japanese food while in Bohol, you know where to go. Rai Rai Ken is easily located at the Island City Mall in Tagbilaran City.

Since it is located in a mall, you can expect other eating hubs to be at bay. There are many kinds of restaurants inside the Island City Mall aside from those that are spread around the city. You can define your dining preference in a no-sweat fashion.

The warm embrace of the Rai Rai Ken interiors is what people mostly prefer it for. The lightings and the design are deemed perfect whether it is lunch or dinner that you came for. Rai Rai Ken is open within mall hours. That is between 10 in the morning and 8 in the evening. That means you will have lots of opportunities to enjoy Japanese meals.

Aside from the attractions that the Island City Mall brings, you could also enjoy other sights in Bohol after a trip to Rai Rai Ken. About twenty kilometers away is the very famous town of Loboc where Loboc River flows and the Loboc Children’s Choir sings.

You can have one of the most unique dining experiences of your life there by joining the Loboc River Cruises. Of course, when traveling to Bohol one should never miss out on the Chocolate Hills for all its wondrous beauty. There are other attractions – both man-made and natural -- that are very interesting to explore. It helps a lot when your stomach is full so we suggest that you sample Rai Rai Ken’s delectable menu first and foremost.