Ramiro Hospital in Bohol

It’s not that posh looking but Ramiro Hospital is decent and tidy enough as a private medical establishment in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. It is known in the vicinity as an efficient hospital where patients are attended to pronto.

The Ramiro Hospital is a quick-fix infirmary where minor ailments and injuries are looked after with fast and efficient service. Get interviewed by a nurse and in a few minutes a doctor on duty attends to us, writes a prescription, and then we’re ready to pay the bill. The hospital staff and doctors and nurses are friendly and polite. Best of all, doctors entertain our questions.

A simple consultation at Ramiro Hospital costs about Php 100 or less than $2. Days stay at the hospital with the worksRamiro Hospital in Bohol (for instance, a 2-day stay, room, board, physician’s fee, x-ray, ultra sound, lab, and some medicines) would cost around a hundred dollars or about Php 4,500. For a city rural hospital the charges are just right.

The Ramiro Hospital emergency room, among the most important facilities of an infirmary, has 2 small beds with decent equipments capable to cope with the usual daily medical emergencies of the vicinity. Specialists explain important details to us and aid us in a thorough layman’s understanding of a medical situation. Lab and X-rays are available even in the wee hours of the night and morning.

The hospital sits along the lengthy Gallares St. at the edge of the city very near the sea. It’s accessible from the Panglao Causeway Bridge linking Tagbilaran and the island of Panglao. More future building developments are in store for Ramiro Hospital and it hopes to upgrade its billing and accounting in terms of computerization and bade manual billing computations a permanent farewell.

The hospital staff is impressive. Doctors are personable and try to get to the root of the problem fast to be able to give quick remedies. Long lines of patients are seldom at the Ramiro Hospital because of its fast and efficient service. Many clients give it a good rating. It is among the hospitals that still give allowance to the old Filipino tradition of having family members stay and look after their hospitalized love ones despite the presence of competent nurses. There are benches available in rooms for this purpose.

Being in the city Ramiro Hospital is accessible to food and pharmaceutical establishments. People from both Tagbilaran and Panglao living in the Causeway Bridge area can easily access Ramiro Hospital. It’s among the best options for fast and efficient medical service.