Rudy's Rock Dive Site in Bohol

Nestled among the cluster of dive points around the Balicasag Island is Rudy’s Rock. Together with Puntod, Black Forest, the Cathedral, and Rico’s Wall, Rudy’s Rock is an offspring belonging to a family of spectacular dive sites around Balicasag Island, the mother island.

Rudy’s Rock is actually another marvelous wall rock formation like the Cathedral. Marvelous sights are readily visible at a depth of 15 meters. As we go deeper the sights become more dramatic, but beyond 40 meters it’s zero visibility. We get clear visibility from 12 to 20 meters. Some expert divers give it a 4-star rating.

There are a variety of hard and soft corals spread across the wall with interesting fissures and cracks that go deep into another underwater world of Rudy’s Rock. There are occasional wide-eye trevally gliding past in groups or swimming in huge circles creating whirls like under water tornadoes. Midnight snappers are also seen along with sweetlip fish of the Haemilidae clan.

Rudy’s Rock is excellent for snorkeling and is rated as among the easy dive spots in the area. Diving at the site is defined as “intermediate” and involves less danger. The landmark is a big rock with a marker stick on top visible from the shallow waters off the beach of Balicasag. Many say that Rudy’s Rock is actually a part of Rico’s Wall. Their underwater rock formations are linked. On the surface among the fascinating sights are green turtles just swimming around.

It’s easy to reach Rudy’s Rock from the Tagbilaran Airport and then through the picturesque island of Panglao up to its main Poblacion, Panglao. From Panglao the motored banca ride to Rudy’s point is a mere 30 to 45 minutes. It’s a good idea to stop over the Balicasag Island and establish a dive station there. There’s a superb resort right beside the lone lighthouse. An overnight stay for two costs about $55. If we are in groups then we opt for the dormitories at about $144 a night.

We may also opt for an excellent tourist resort right along the Doljo Beach at Panglao Island, north west of Panglao Island. It’s about 30 minutes to Rudy’s Rock by boat. A overnight at the Ananyana Resort costs $220 for 2 persons and $340 for a family. A meal costs at least $20. Diving gear rental is $15 and a dive trip costs $35 and up.

Rudy’s Rock is certainly a dive destination for serious divers. The sights it unravels are definitely deep sea treasures.