Saint Jude General Hospital in Bohol

A hearty leaning, patient amiable sanatorium guided by Christian values, on June 22, 1905 Saint Jude General Hospital was unwrapped. Envisage in the company of it’s trust: "The compassionate and life sustaining family of health care professionals committed to providing quality medical care that satisfies customers needs and expectations”.

Saint Juse HospitalThe staff here truly believes that God’s ways are his magical hands crafted with the help of Saint Jude General Hospital’s medical organization of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff. They are enclosed under a charily partition and elected screening program. It’s agendum is a scrutinized stream of up to date assessment and status conferences designed for employment. Their qualifications and close to perfect licenses, vital education and time of occurrence comprised supervision guarantees excellent customary medical care. Dedicated to assure clients of proficiency, empathy, honesty and expertise, Saint Jude General Hospital’s medical team puts into heart healing people.

Guaranteed New Born Screening Reference Center (NBS Participating) is demeanor at the Saint Jude General Hospital, Bohol. They are also a Philippine band of mercy. Wrapped in a tight Smile Train-Philippine Band of Mercy Cleft Program, started in 2002, gives surgical curing to destitute children born with fissures. Serious medical cases of cleft lip, palate bands at the dwelling of the hospices of Pasig City General Hospital, St. Jude General Hospital and Medical Center, thanks to the aid of Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Hospital, and St. Martin de Porres Hospitals capable to execute in excess of 860 cleft lip and palate surgeries amid bursary by The Smile Train. Intentional merits to Jesus Perez Cardenas, director of this program, and Drs. Raymund Erese, Stanley Kho, Melanio Cruz, Nicanor Reyes, and Hector Santos in overseeing the Smile Train program. Step forward campaigns boost through, Philippine Band of Mercy indulgent a supplementary 250 children with The Smile Train's bear.

Saint Jude General Hospital is anchored in the midst of the soils of Calceta Street, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines. Its chief administrator is through the hand assistance of Dr. Napoleon Nazareno. Rest home, natured since a private sanatorium and lodges a key cradle capacity of 25 divan cot loafs.