Sandugo Festival in Bohol

Held annually during the hot summer month of March, Sandugo Festival is a major attraction in the beautiful province of Bohol in the Philippines. For years, the local residents religiously celebrate one of the most historic and colorful events of the country. Simultaneously, hordes of local guests and visitors from all over the world come to the province to witness this major spectacle.

As one of the growing tourist destinations in the Philippines today, the island of Bohol is found within Central Visayas and is surrounded by neighboring provinces like Leyte and Cebu. Basically, people will find it very easy to move in and out of the province, traveling either by air or sea to witness the different annual festivities and events such as Sandugo Festival. Via air travel, tourists can fly from the Ninoy International Airport in Manila to the City of Tagbilarin within two hours. Meanwhile, people can also make their way into the province using various seaports and other entry points such as Ubay, Jagna, and Tagbilaran City. The seaports at Talibon, Getafe, Tubigon, and Loon are just as effective entry points.

Sandugo Festival is basically held in remembrance of the historic blood compact between Datu Sikatuna, who was known to be one of the earliest leaders of the country, with the famous Spanish conquistador General Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. This amicable act was initiated to formalize and establish what was once a very promising and lasting friendship between the local residents and the visiting party. This historic event made a major impact on the lives of Filipinos up to this very moment, especially in terms of civilization, culture, and religion.

As a place known for its very rich culture and tradition, Bohol takes Sandugo Festival as well as the other annual festivities seriously. Solemn church ceremonies, colorful street parades, and exciting beauty pageants are some of the many major highlights that visitors and guests can witness at the event. At the same time, various sports events, cockfighting tournaments, and fireworks add glamour and excitement to this solemn tradition. Lastly, be sure not to miss special events like the Miss Beauty Sandugo pageant, a reenactment of the history Blood Compact, and the street-dancing contest when attending the Sandugo Festival in Bohol.

Truly, the Sandugo Festival is a major representation of the glorious, colorful, and historic past of the province of Bohol. For years, this event has served as an excellent remembrance to the people that they should always honor and venerate their past, especially the sacrifices that their ancestors have made for the welfare of bloodlines and lands. For sure, this event would continuously draw more audience in the next years to come.