STI Colleges in Bohol

STI Colleges in Bohol is one of the popular private and co-educational tertiary schools in Tagbilaran City that offers excellent undergraduate degree programs and associate courses to students who want to excel in the field of management and information technology. The campus of the school is small but it makes sure that the environment is very conducive for studying and learning. In addition, to assure that students can experience comfort inside its campus, the classrooms have efficient air-conditioning systems. Moreover, for the convenience of faculty members and students who usually ride in private vehicles when they go to school, the administration of this educational institution provides a secured parking area in front of its campus.

Students who want to know more about the field of information technology, as well as computer science, this educational institution offers different undergraduate programs like Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Information Management. Meanwhile, for people who want to explore job opportunities in the hospitality service industry, they can always check the curriculum of STI Colleges in Bohol in the undergraduate degree Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Furthermore, students who want to enroll in the associate courses available at this tertiary school in Bohol, they can register in Associate in Computer Technology and Associate in E-commerce Programming.

Students who like to enroll in any of the academic programs at STI Colleges in Bohol should prepare 10,000 pesos to 20,000 pesos for their miscellaneous fees and tuition fees. Meanwhile, to serve intelligent students who do not have the capability or capacity to pay for their education expenses, this tertiary school in Bohol offers scholarship grants, as well as financial assistance programs to those who will qualify and who will pass the requirements set by its admission staff.

Located at BWS Building along CPG Avenue in Tagbilaran City, STI Colleges is near to dining places and fast foods that offer affordable rice meals and snacks. In addition, it is also accessible to various public utility vehicles in the area so students will not have difficulties reaching the school. For inquiries about the curriculum and academic programs that this tertiary school in Bohol offers, students and parents can visit the institutions website at, or send messages at email address [email protected]. Students are also encouraged to contact its admission office if they have suggestions, inquiries, and complaints at this number, (038)-235-5165.