Tagbilaran City Fiesta

Tagbilaran City is the provincial capital of Bohol. With its rich history and resources, it makes for a wonderful visit.

The best time to visit Tagbilaran City is mostly anytime throughout the year. If you are in love with town fiestas and you seek the enjoyment of fun all around, try scheduling your trip around the same time the Tagbilaran City Fiesta is held.

The Tagbilaran City Fiesta kicks off the fiesta month of May in Bohol. It happens every 1st of May, celebrating he feast of the city’s patron saint, Saint Joseph the Worker. The Tagbilaran City Fiesta is one of the most enjoyable occasions you need to see. It is filled with fun activities, real good food, and best company.

Tagbilaran, and Bohol in general, is found at the heart of Visayas and it can easily be reached by air and by sea. Your choice of transport to get you through the province depends on your liking, your budget, and the amount of time you can spare for your vacation. There is a plane that lands on Tagbilaran City every single day of the week. Your travel time, if you choose to ride the plane, is really cost-efficient.

Like most festivals celebrated around the country, the Tagbilaran City Fiesta is based on the patron saint’s feast day. It was started since time immemorial and the continued tradition is expected to go on for years, decades, and even centuries to come. The culture of celebrating fiestas has been passed on from one generation to another and there is no reason that the cycle should stop anytime in the future.

During the Tagbilaran City Fiesta, all stops are put on for people to enjoy the fun and exciting activities that the municipality holds. Nine days prior to the feast day, activities already clog the place. Nightly, beauty pageants, stage plays, concerts, and other forms of entertainments are held. They gather the best talents that Tagbilaran, and the whole of Bohol, has to offer.

On the day itself, May 1st, visitors and locals alike are kept busy with very interesting activities that will always keep you short for breath. Getting to Tagbilaran is truly worth it during the fiesta month. It is when lots of food, entertainment, and fun are served generously, free of charge. You just need to be prepared for the adventure and the challenges that day-to-day activities pose. Of course, you will also have to find a nice place to stay while you are there.