Tagbilaran in Bohol

Going sightseeing in Tagbilaran is one of the most pleasurable things a tourist in Bohol can do. With such an assortment of sights and attractions, it will definitely be an event you will not likely forget soon.

Location and How to Get There

Before you go on tour, you need to get to the city first. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways. The most convenient is a direct flight from Manila to Tagbilaran. You can board PAL, Cebu Pacific and the other airlines in the country which take place daily. If you are in Cebu, you can just go to the Mactan airport and book a flight to Bohol. There are also ferries which, while taking a whole day, are more scenic. Once you are in Tagbilaran, you can ride in tricycles, jeepneys and buses just like in any other city in Metro Manila.

What to See There

When you go on sightseeing in Tagbilaran, one of the places that is going to be included will be the Botanical Garden, where several types of animals can be seen. There is a butterfly garden, a cavern filled with exotic snakes (including a python) and plenty of birds.

There is also the Hinagdanon Cave; the Elly Hill, where the faithful spend the Lenten season; the Bohol Museum, where historical data and artifacts from the city can be found, the beautiful Dauis Beach, the Tarsier Sanctuary, home of the worlds smallest monkey, the grandiose Baclayon Church, and of course, the ever popular Chocolate Hills.


To better appreciate what you will see when sightseeing in Tagbilaran knowing something of its history will be essential. One of the earliest settlers in the province were an unknown tribe, but the evidence suggests that they worshipped a variety of gods and settled in nearby Mansasa. Although not much is known about them, what is clear is that they had already established a community, and had relations with other countries like China and Malaysia.

Special Entertainment / Activities

Among the many activities one can look forward to are the fiestas. These include the Ubi Festival (from January 15 to 19) showcasing different deserts and sweets made from ubi; there is also the Foundation Day (February 9); the Flores de Mayo takes place in May, and is a combination of a religious / flower fiesta, wherein participants parade holding flowers and clad in angelic looking outfits. There are also solemn rites held during the Lenten Season.


The cost of sightseeing in Tagbilaran will vary depending on the number of people with you, the length of time, plus the stay at the hotel, the transport expenses, etc. Most however, will probably hover in the Php 3,000 to Php 7,000 mark.

However, as anyone who has been to the city will be only too happy to tell you, it will be all worth it, so much so that people who have gone there inevitably go on a return trip.