Tarsier Trail in Bohol

Popular as one of the Philippine provinces that house many beautiful, charming and captivating tourist sites, Bohol is the home to the alluring and fascinating Tarsier Trail. This trail is an attractive place in the Visayan province that many tourists like to see. Hence, to know more about Tarsier Trail, let us have a closer glance at the famous travel destination in Bohol.

The History of the Creation of Bohol Tarsier Trail

The proclamation of tarsiers as endangered species by former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos in the 1990s influenced the development of this trail. With former Tourism secretary Mina Gabos initiative, Philippine Tarsier Foundation Inc. was able to create an appealing and inviting trail for the primates. After several years, the foundation succeeded in making Bohol Tarsier Trail as a distinguished and well-known tourist spot in the province.

Description of Tarsier Trail

Bohol Tarsier Trail begins in Corella runs through Sikatuna and ends in Loboc. Along the trail, Philippine Tarsier Foundation Inc. establishes research center, which aims to develop effective ways on the propagation of tarsier. Aside from the research center, the foundation also creates a visitor center where tourists learn about the distinct habits as well as characteristics of tarsiers. In addition, the visitor center also features photographs of the primates.

Visiting Bohol Tarsier Trail

Staffs of Philippine Tarsier Foundation Inc. welcome tourists at the trails visitor complex and orient them about the spots that they will see in Bohol Tarsier Tail. Staffs guide visitors as they go to the Tarsier sanctuary where they can see 500 tarsiers that are divided into several groups.

Teak, mahogany and ficus trees surround the sanctuary. Visitors can also see bamboo, fern and palm as they go through the trail. Aside from trees, visitors can see different fauna including brahmini kite, serpent eagle, woodpecker, glass owl and water cock.

As they visit Bohol Tarsier Trail, guests can have a dip at the famous river of Sikatuna. In addition, guests can view other attractive tourist spots in Bohol along the trail including the historical Loboc church. The trail is accessible to Tagbilaran City, Bohols capital city, where travelers can see other beautiful spots.

The development of Bohol Tarsier Trail only shows how Boholanos value the endangered species. By visiting the tourist destination, people can admire the nature and they can learn how to give importance to the habitat of famous and amusing species in the Philippines. Above all, travelers can have an enjoyable and memorable stay in Bohol if they visit this tourist spot.