Tierra Azul Beach House in Bohol

Tierra Azul Beach House is a two-storey resort located in Panglao, Bohol. It is a beachfront resort in the secluded portion of the beach strip. Although its shoreline is shorter than the resorts further up, Tierra Azul Beach House offers the tranquility and serenity of this beach paradise.

The rooms in the ground floor are quite spacious. They have two beds, air-conditioning and shower in the bathroom. The resort also has a balcony at the second floor where you can enjoy the picturesque beachfront of Panglao while having a sumptuous meal or a relaxing cocktail drink. Tierra Azul Beach House has a very warm and accommodating personnel. Boholanos will definitely make you feel welcome under their care. What’s best about Tierra Azul Beach House, their prices are definitely very affordable compared to the other foreign-owned resorts in Panglao island. You really don’t have to worry about the budget.

Staying in Bohol need not be expensive to be enjoyable. One can arrange a sight-seeing trip from Tierra Azul Beach House at a very affordable rate and then come home to their resort to take a dip at the beach or to relax after a day of visiting the beautiful tourist spots in Bohol.

When in Bohol, Tierra Azul Beach House is definitely something to consider. Affordable rates, warm reception and the calming beauty of the beach, you ar e definitely making the right choice.

The Philippines is an archipelago. Hence, it is blessed with thousands of islands and each one of them has something special to offer. Bohol is one of them. Both locals exploring the natural beauty of their land and foreigners seeking the thrills of an exotic country both agree that Bohol in the Philippines is indeed paradise.

In Bohol, Philippines there are a lot of tourist sports. Once you alight the plane, the sceneries are immense. Of course, Bohol hosts the world-renowned Chocolate Hills which is simply a sight to behold and the adorable tarsier, touted to be the world’s smallest monkey. Tourists love Bohol because unlike the more famous and developed Boracay, Bohol is more bucolic in its beauty – unspoiled and untouched paradise.

Coming from Manila, Bohol is not hard to reach. Taking a Cebu Pacific flight to Tagbilaran City, Bohol’s capital, you would be there in less than an hour. Accommodation, especially in the lean season, will not really be a big problem. For the urban dwellers seeking reprieve from city-living stress, Bohol’s Panglao beach would definitely solve the problem. If you’re looking for a vacation without really wanting to ransack your savings, staying in Bohol’s Tierra Azul Beach House will be your perfect choice.