Travel Guide Via Butuan-Bohol Ferry Boats

The first consideration a traveler would look for in choosing a destination for a vacation, trade or commerce is the accessibility of the place thru convenient transportation. Ferry boats in Bohol are considered vital and convenient means of transportation.

Butuan and Bohol are fast becoming tourists destination. To reach this place, a good number of ferry boats serve the Butuan-Bohol route. Ferry boats connect Bohol with the other islands of the Philippines. By boat, Butuan is easily accessible from Manila, Cebu and Bohol via Super Ferry, Sulpicio Lines and Cebu Ferries.

Taking Bohol as a starting point, a traveler whether on business or pleasure trip can board a Butuan-Bohol ferry boat from the Jagna seaport to Butuan City thru the Nasipit Port. While on cruise, one can experience the charm of Bohols Chocolate Hills and be fascinated with sea creatures sightings.

A Butuan-Bohol ferry boat ride via Sulpicio Lines Princess of the Earth costs P387.50 for saver type and P525.00 for a suite. Rates of others may slightly vary according to the amenities the carrier provide.

Promos and discounts are often times being offered by these carriers and travelers can check with their travel agents on these package tours. Ferry boat schedules usually get fully booked during holidays and peak season.

Butuan-Bohol ferry boat travel time is about seven hours and vice versa. Schedules of two ferry carriers are listed below

Cebu Ferry Butuan-Bohol schedule via Mt. Carmel

From Jagna, Bohol every Wednesday 11:59 am

arriving Nasipi, Butuan Thursday 7:00 am.

From Nasipit, Butuan every Wednesday 11:59 am

arriving Jagna Wednesday 7:00 pm

Sulpicio Lines Butuan-Bohol ferry boat schedule via Princess of the Earth

From Jagna everyThursday 23:00 arriving Butuan Friday 06:00

From Butuan every Thursday.14:00 arriving Jagna Thursday 21:00

Jagna seaport is located at the southern coast of Bohol, about 63 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. The port has been improved recently as part of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway system and economic development of the Philippine government. An estimated P60.4 million was spent for the improvement of this port for use of RORO, cargo vessels, ferry boats and fast crafts to enhance the tourism, trade and commerce of the area. This port is considered as a vital link to Visayas and Mindanao.

Nasipit port is 25 kms. from Butuan City and has good roads connecting to Southern Mindanao and Northern Mindanao provinces.

Climate is dry from March to September and wet from October to February. For typhoon concerns, the port of Nasipit has been said to be typhoon-free being outside of the natural typhoon belt.

For travelers, ferry boats offer the cheapest way to travel for island to island hopping.

To experience sightseeings and enjoy scenic spots of the island Butuan and Bohol, travelers should take Butuan-Bohol ferry.