Trudis Place in Bohol

Trudis Place is a gift from above for budget travelers. It is one of the cheapest alternatives in the beach area of Panglao Island.

Trudis Place started as a humble store in late 1980s. When tourism got more active in this side of Visayas, the store evolved into something that is more traveler-friendly. Aside from the usual fixes that you will see in a convenient store, Trudis Place started serving coffee. That sparked up the restaurant aspect of the establishment.

The menu list in Trudis Place was developed from the customers themselves. Since transforming into an eating hub is quite an accidental occurrence, the owner was oblivious of what to serve her patrons. To solve this hitch, the staff decided to ask around what the customers want to be served and how they want them served. Not long after, a full menu was put up together and Trudis Place became one of the well-loved restaurants in this side of the town.

Trudis Place serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. The cuisine is mostly Boholano, Filipino, and European. Trudis Place boasts of an extensive menu that will give you lots of options for your brand of gastronomic pleasure. What’s more, Trudis Place charges very low for its very wide food choices than the other restaurants in the area. A full meal at Trudis Place only costs about USD4 so you will have a lot more to spare for your other beach needs.

Aside from the restaurant, Trudis Place also has cottages for rent. If you are lucky enough and came earlier than the others, you could land onto the most luxurious room in all of Trudis, the one that puts the sea in full view. A concrete building replaces the old beach huts made of bamboo that usually houses the restaurant’s services.

Trudis Place is located at the beachfront of Panglao Island. A lot of other similar establishments are nearby – from sari-sari stores to restaurants to resort hotels. It is about a few minutes away from Tagbilaran City, the provincial capital of Bohol. If you are ever traveling to Bohol to see its water resources, it would be best for you to take a trip to Panglao Island. With its many amenities – man-made and natural – you sure would have the most relaxing and refreshing vacations of your life! That is considering, of course, that there is Trudis Place to serve your most appetizing meals at very reasonable prices.