Ubi Festival in Bohol

Ubi is a famed crop found in most parts of Bohol. The Boholanos’ respect for the crop is institutionalized with a whole festival dedicated to the plant, no less.

Ubi grows best in the island province of Bohol than in any other parts of the country. It being instrumental in the province’s wonderful mark in the Central Visayas region has so much to do with how the locals deal with the crop. The Ubi Festival is a concrete proof of the Boholanos love for Ubi and their culture in general.

The Ubi Festival is held every once a year to celebrate the crop that feeds Bohol and other parts of the country. Ubi is no longer just a crop; it has become a symbol for the province. That is why giving it the value and the recognition it deserves had been the goal of many.

The Ubi Festival is held every January since 2000. The significance of ubi in Bohol as a thriving province is best heralded during the festivities. Ubi for Bohol means savior, their staple food. Through the festival, they seek to promote the root crop more for the whole country to appreciate. The ubi has one of the best potentials in creating a successful livelihood. That fact is best defined when cultural activities, exhibits, and seminars are held to honor the root crop.

Ubi Festival is mostly all about the goal of Boholanos to put ubi in the forefront. That is why each and every activity during this merry period is dedicated and geared towards the promotion of the crop. During the festival, different types and variants of ubi are displayed including the many products created from it. The queen of ubi variants is the kinampay, which makes for the best jams, putos, and whatnots.

Through the Ubi Festival, the crop has become more recognized in the Philippines. In fact, it has made it to the top five banner crops, which can be reproduced in many forms that sell not just in the country but in other countries as well. Aside from jams, purees, chips, and ice cream, ubi has been used generously as an ingredient in cakes, tarts, macaroons, doughnuts, and flans to name a few.

If you love the sound of such products, you better hurry and take the trip to Bohol in January when the Ubi Festival is held. It will surely open up your eyes to the capacity of such a humble plant.