Valea Restaurant in Bohol

Want the best of Bohol cuisine? Then, check out Valea Restaurant at the city of Tagbilaran in Bohol. This is the place most local guides would refer tourists to if it so happens that they want a taste, figuratively and literally, of Bohol. That is because the Valea Restaurant is basically where the best of Bohol native dishes are served. Some of these are specialty recipes made of Bohol's pride - seafood, mostly fish and tiger prawns. When it comes to fish dishes, the Valea Restaurant takes pride in their kinilaw, or fresh fish in a marinade of vinegar, ginger, lemon, and onions.

The Valea Restaurant also offers chicken dishes, all native to the province of Bohol, such as sinugba, or grilled chicken (this could also be pork or fish); and the tinola, or chicken and vegetables in broth. There is hinalang na manok as well, which is like a local version of curried chicken - a concoction made of native chicken, coconut milk, onion, pepper, ginger, and red chilies. Add to that the local chicken barbecue.

Then, partner all these viands with rice intricately formed into a "pusu." On the other hand, for snack time or to serve as dessert, among the dishes the menu at Valea Restaurant offers are as follows: salbaro or dried cassava chips, binagow or a steamed cassava dish cooked in a clay pot, gabi or camote galang galang, which is gabi or camote flattened, deep fried, and then sprinkled with sugar. There is also siakoy, a dish made of deep fried and sweetened flour dough. Wash this all downwith a serving of sekwate, or hot chocolate that is extracted from cocoa beans produced in hordes at Bohol.

As of the moment, there are very few accounts as to what kind of atmosphere or ambience the Valea Restaurant exudes. But one thing is for sure: when tourists go to Bohol and they look for native Bohol recipes, locals would surely point them over to the Valea Restaurant in Tagbilaran. Not only would they be able to enjoy the food, they will surely have fun as well because the Valea Restaurant actually also doubles as a bar.

One other good thing about the Valea Restaurant is its accessibility to some of the most prominent landmarks in Tagbilaran City. Among these landmarks are the Cogon Shrine. Also, since it is situated right along the Airport Road, then it only follows that the Valea Restaurant is located in a place accessible to the airport, so tourists could really go there with ease.

The Valea Restaurant is located at the Courtyard along Airport Road in Tagbilaran City. For reservations and other inquiries, please contact (038) 235-6888.