Wregent Plaza Hotel in Bohol

Situated along Carlos P. Garcia Avenue within the municipality of Tagbilaran in the province of Bohol, Wregent Plaza Hotel is a well-loved place amongst travelers and tourists alike. Aside from its outstanding first-class amenities, its high quality service provides enough help to earn the place the respect and admiration of the entire eco-tourism sector, not only in the province, but also all over the Philippines. In the next few years or so, this place will continuously add glory to the growing tourism in Bohol.

Wregent Plaza Hotel offers excellent services for various purposes. In terms of business, the place can hold special events like seminars, meetings, and conferences within its elegant conference room as well as its innovative function hall. To accommodate the different needs of its guests and customers, the hotel features an extensive room service, laundry, as well as van rental. Furthermore, a coffee shop is ready to serve clients with great food, hot and cold beverages, and excellent services.

In terms of room accommodations, Wregent Plaza Hotel is always on top of the competition with its super trendy and highly tasteful room designs. Guests can choose from any of its Standard, Deluxe, and Suite Rooms, most of which feature outstanding amenities like cable television sets, bathtubs, and telephone lines. A very cheap rate of 800 pesos is needed to avail the amenities of a standard single room. Furthermore, Wregent Plaza Hotel guests can avail of a standard double room for only 900 pesos, while a deluxe single unit costs 1,100 pesos overnight. For people with bigger budgets, they can enjoy better service and greater accommodations at the 1,200-pesos deluxe double unit and the 1,400-pesos suite.

From Wregent Plaza Hotel, some important locations in Tagbilaran City are just within reach for its visitors and guests. They can easily go to special places like shopping malls, government offices, and other commercial establishments. At the same time, this wonderful place can serve as excellent starting points for people who want to visit and explore the different tourist destinations in Bohol. Furthermore, the friendly staff at Wregent Plaza Hotel is very much willing and accommodating to help guests book at special tours all over the province.

With all these wonderful features and services, it is easy to say that Wregent Plaza Hotel is truly one of the finest places to rest, relax, and enjoy whenever traveling within the province of Bohol. This special hotel always takes care of its guests and visitors, making sure that they are always provided with utmost care, modern convenience, and total comfort right within the privacy of the rooms.